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Daria Zadarnowska

Daria Zadarnowska graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 2017 with a BA Honours in Fine Art. She is currently living and working in Glasgow.

Why We love Daria’s Work
I was immediately intrigued by Daria’s work at her degree show in June at DJCAD. The pieces were hung in a row at eye level and looked a little like large biblical ‘tablet’ stones. Looking closer, the surface was more organic and worked by hand-the urge to touch it was almost irresistable! Each wax layer had been carefully applied to encase delicate flowers and handwritten script surrounding a photographic female image.

Her work has a contemplative, spiritual quality that reaches beyond her own religious faith. The translucent quality of the surface of each work gives it an ethereal, delicate shell-like surface, possibly a poetic metaphor for the human body and the free spirit it contains.

Exclusive to Curious Egg
We have been working with Daria to put together a small selection of exquisite mixed media works exclusive to Curious Egg. Each piece has been created using waxes, varnish and hand selected botanicals as well as manipulated imagery created by the artist. Each piece has a sculptural ‘block’ like structure with handworked surface and can be hung easily on the wall.

“My work aims to represent my belief in God’s presence as a subtle and abstract conception. My faith is the main inspiration for my work even though the use of Christian symbolism is limited. I perceive God’s presence upon us as something beautiful, bright and dynamic. This allows me to utilise light colours, female figures and ethereal imagery worked around the simplicity of nature through fragments.

The encaustic technique which my practice evolves around dates back to the 5th century B.C and involves fusing together numerous layers of molten beeswax, damar resin and pigments. I found the use of beeswax an extraordinary medium to create a translucent and enigmatic effect on my work.

I want the soul to speak through my pieces. I also aim to inspire self-questioning about faith in whatever form and it’s power to embrace and strengthen our being.”

Daria Zadarnowska

Original Artworks