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Inigo Scout

With every Inigo Scout textile purchased ten children in need of warmth are given blankets of their own.

We are delighted to team up with a fantastic new social enterprise Inigo Scout who works with visual artists to produce these textile woven artworks that can be used as luxurious blankets or hung as artworks in themselves. Funds from each sale of these textiles go to ‘Knit for Peace’ a charity who teach local people in the Cape Flats of South Africa to knit bringing them income and independence. For every textile sold, ten blankets are knitted by these new craftsmen and women for children in need of warmth in their own community.

Why We love Inigo Scout’s Textile Blanket Artworks
I first saw an article about Inigo Scout on twitter and it was the story behind their luxurious textile artworks that made me sit up and pay attention. It all stemmed from an experience that Josh Robinson and his wife Lisa shared when their twins Inigo and Scout were born prematurely. The twins were really quite ill and had to stay in intensive care for months receiving expert care from the medical team in their local hospital. During this difficult time Josh and Lisa made use of some colourful woollen blankets that had been knitted and donated by local people to help to keep the tiny babies in the unit warm. These little woollen gestures of kindness brought such incredible comfort physically and emotionally to them and other families that they were inspired to take the idea and create a project that would make a similar impact in disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

This very personal experience, coupled with a belief in the power of art to inspire positive change, was the inspiration and motivation for Inigo Scout, a creative social enterprise that brings warmth, comfort and colour to children all over the world.

Their story struck a cord with us on several levels. Roddy’s nephew was also born extremely prematurely and during that tense time we remember how little hats that had been knitted by locals made such a difference. They were like little symbols of love and support sent in from the outside world to that very private, solitary environment and we know how much comfort they brought.

We also share the idea that art can be used to change lives – it’s fundamental to why we started Curious Egg. Inigo Scout produce a luxury product that has more to it than looking beautiful. Purchasing one of these textiles brings about real and meaningful change. Lastly but not least, they are strong, beautiful artworks Abstract contemporary designs that are versatile as wall hangings or functional crafted pieces and that will last a lifetime – genius!

“Today, when you buy an Inigo Scout blanket, you are buying a limited edition piece of original art, woven in the finest wool, by the most coveted wool mill in the world. And you know that as a result of this purchase a new breed of craftsmen and women are being taught to knit, a skill that will bring them not only income, but pride, independence and peace of mind. And finally, you know that ten children in need of warmth will be given blankets of their own.”

We work with the most exciting contemporary artists and Johnstons of Elgin, the finest wool mill in Scotland to produce what we believe to be the most beautiful blankets in the world. This beauty is defined by much more than the exclusivity and quality of our product. The real beauty lies in the good that is done with every purchase. This is art with purpose. Luxury with soul.”

Josh Robinson, Inigo Scout

The Artists

Tim Fishlock began his creative career working with architect/designer Thomas Heatherwick on a number of award winning projects. Amongst other creative projects in the last 3 years, he has designed and installed a chandelier made up of 1243 light bulbs in apartments in London and Manhattan, produced limited edition prints for Transport London and The Tower of London, illustrated a children’s book with renowned producer and writer of The Simpsons and Futurama, Josh Weinstein and created a portfolio of fine art under his alter-ego, Oddly Head.

British Visual Artist, Kimvi Nguyen, graduated from Fine Art Sculpture at Winchester School of Art in 2011. Since then she has performed and exhibited nationally and internationally. Her work has limitless boundaries as she takes inspiration from popular cultures and eastern philosophies, ultimately manifesting in a great diversity of materials and forms.

Tim Robinson splits his time between two studios. One is located in the market town of Romsey, Hampshire, on the outskirts of the New Forest. The other is in the coastal town of Aldeburgh, Suffolk, home of the Aldeburgh Festival and a thriving community of artists. Both studios are an ever-evolving scrapbook of inspiration, with original works by famous modern British artists hanging alongside cuttings from magazines.

Original Artworks