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We Are Amused

We Are Amused is a creative duo based in Fife, Scotland producing a fresh and exciting range of typographical prints. The duo are Susan Warner and Donna Caira – one half textile graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone and one half lawyer turned Interior designer. Their passion for minimalist, contemporary, edgy design and their considered approach have brought together a collection of strong prints which are gathering ground within design circles and that we have simply fallen in love with!

Why we love We are Amused prints:
It takes a lot to stand out in the crowded world of art prints especially text based ones but these are a little different. As a sculptor I’m always drawn to the space around something as much as the subject itself and the unusual layout of these typographical prints pulled me in and won me over immediately! Simple little words can be found falling from the top edge to the bottom of the paper or clinging to the sides with lots of empty space in between to make you look twice!

Reading them, they magnify fleeting inner thoughts or little expressions from everyday speak – the kind that don’t normally reach the limelight but make us smile all the same! Pared down and honest without trying to be too clever or too sugary. The photographic pieces are poetic images that conjure up familiarity and a little mystery in one. But most of all these prints will add a good dose of fun and an instant cool vibe to any room you happen to display them in! We asked Susan and Donna to share a few words about their work:

“A mutual love of typography and photography inspired us to begin our Art print business. Our backgrounds in styling and photography have allowed us to create thoughtful compositions that hopefully evoke sentiment. With the market place saturated in lifestyle and feel good quotes we’re stripping back and bucking the trend.”

We Are Amused

We Are Amused Prints