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Inside an Art First Interior Design Project - Visioning and Moodboards - Bedrooms

‘Art First’ Interior Design – Visioning & Moodboards 2

– The Bedrooms –

Continuing from our last post on the Edinburgh New Town apartment moodboards series, where Lorraine is designing nine spaces all at once, we move on to the bedrooms.   Bedrooms are often the most intimate and personal spaces within our homes – our nest and our sanctuary. Completely unique to us.

When forming the concept and design for the two main bedrooms in this property, the Pinterest boards (put together in collaboration with the four clients in this project) showed strong divisions in the colours that each couple was drawn to. One couple gravitated towards fresh green and blue hues, while the other loved warmer, earthier colours such as caramels and stone – what to do? To push the design forward, it was quickly agreed that each bedroom design would be championed by one couple to make final decisions although each would have the option of using the other. Lorraine was able to focus on a particular look for the room that slanted towards one couple’s taste and could still be enjoyed by all.

Bedroom 1

The first bedroom is a north-facing room located at the back of the building. It was painted in good old safe Magnolia, with no personality to speak of. The angled wall in the room made it a difficult space for furniture and a marble fireplace takes up the main part of the wall opposite the entry door. Neither couple liked the hearth tiles which were not original and a little garish and they felt the grey marble in the fireplace was cold and gloomy. The group talked about removing this and replacing with a Victorian, wooden fireplace that might seem warmer in material. On the up side, the room had a fantastic window seat, original shutters and beautiful flooring all in good condition. The idea would be to sand and re-stain the floors as they had an unsightly ‘orangey’ stain which didn’t do it justice.

Lorraine dreamt up a space that feels warm, inviting and cosy but also luxurious. Silks and velvets sit side-by-side with tweeds and sacking cloth, warm metals, glass and wood. By mixing glamorous touches with more beautifully crafted details and more rustic, textured materials she brings in both cosmopolitan and pastoral aspects of the city and creates a luxury woodland cabin in the heart of Edinburgh New Town.

moodboard by Lorraine Aaron for a cosy bedroom interior design.

Moodboard fro Bedroom 1 based on a luxury woodland cabin Image: Curious Egg

Only one wall was uninterrupted by a radiator or marble fireplace, making it obvious where the bed would best fit. The picture rail fitted around the edge of the room lends a lovely framework to the space and gave Lorraine the idea to add a dramatic backdrop to the bed. She chose a beautiful wallpaper by Chinese artist Xin Song entitled Xin Song 01 (pronounced sing song)in dark copper from Curious Egg’s own collection with a slightly more formal feel to appear as an extended headboard. With stylised autumnal leaves and elegant unfurling ferns, it gestures again to the woodland walks the clients hope to take around the outskirts of Edinburgh and plays on the verticals in the room. The rich colour and deeper tones punctuate the space and the main walls will be painted in a beautiful pinkish biscuit colour like a fading sunset. By using a section wallpaper that is almost a mural style framed either side with wooden mouldings, it becomes an artwork itself – not a picture hung with hook, nail and hammer but actually integrated into the walls.

It was important to have lots of different kinds of lighting for this room, from inviting, sculptural wall lighting to floor lamps that allow for a breakout reading space. Glass details like a hand-blown lamp or glass candleholder will add translucent layers to the warm, rich tones.

Bedroom 2

The second bedroom is certainly a contrast to its counterpart and depending on the clients’ mood they have the choice to use either room on any given weekend. Located on the sunnier side of the flat, light streams in through the windows making it naturally a fresher space.

This bedroom can cope with cooler colours – beautiful blues, teals and emeralds. Like the first bedroom, it will be welcoming and homely but also an elegant space that combines vintage with newer elements to create a whimsical feel that is dreamlike and sophisticated. It will reference the Enlightenment period of the nineteenth century where exotic travel and fine craftsmanship were coveted.

mood board with blue green decor for a bedroom

Moodboard for bedroom 2 with beautiful blues, teals and emeralds Image: Curious Egg

Lorraine is proposing a similar luxurious backdrop to the bed created from hand-painted silk panels framed with painted wooden mouldings but brings in exquisite hand-blown Murano glass and slightly heavier woven materials to keep it cosy and stop it from feeling too formal. The modern radiator will be replaced with a period style in warm bronze metallic that will balance the cooler colours. Layering different kinds of materials is the perfect way to keep a chic space cosy and comfortable.

The group thought carefully about storage in both bedrooms. As the flat isn’t a permanent residence it doesn’t need lots of storage for clothes and the heavy shape of a wardrobe was, conveniently, eliminated. Lorraine proposes a clothes valet where guests can hang items they’re using for the weekend with a small amount of space at the back for shoes and bits and bobs.

In both bedrooms, Lorraine hopes to incorporate text as a homage to Edinburgh’s vibrant literary scene and Ian Hamilton Findlay’s art garden Little Sparta. Script will be letter cut into slate hearths that are to replace the existing damaged ones at the fireplace giving a poetic slant to the spaces.

Next up in the moodboard series… the living spaces!

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