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‘Art First’ Interior Design – Visioning & Moodboards 4

-The bathrooms –

If you’re anything like me, your Pinterest is full of beautiful bathrooms. Ones with candles flickering by antique claw foot bathtubs or concrete basins inlaid with multi-coloured mosaic tiles. If you’ve been following our mini blog series on the moodboards (you can see the last post here) then you’ll know that this week we’re focussing on the bathrooms and luckily for us, the flat in Edinburgh has not one but two!

The first is entirely internal – windowless and very basic with a little corner sink presiding. A soulless and stuffy space, needless to say it wasn’t a favourite for the four owners when they bought the flat but the had a vision for it to be a lovely guest loo given a bit of TLC. The main bathroom is slightly larger, leaving more room for statement features.

They considered knocking through the space between the guest loo and the bathroom next door to create one large bathroom but ultimately decided against this idea due to complex plumbing requirements for waste but also the very real fear of planning permission holding up their entire renovation project – anyone else relate!?   Instead Lorraine suggested working with what was there with a few enhancements with a view to changing things up when time wasn’t so critical. As such, the  group didn’t want to go wild with the budget given that the bathroom was a space that they may change in the future.

Main Bathroom 

Lorraine’s design for the main bathroom is timeless but also complementary to the period of the property. She opted for a French colonial feel with decadent vintage lighting,  warm, rustic details balanced with   crisp patterned floor tiles and fresh walls.

moodboard for french colonial bathroom

Moodboard Image : Curious Egg

Welcoming and atmospheric but also practical, crisp and fresh. Elements of old and new will marry with the main features already in place (a shower and bathtub) to refresh the space and instil some atmosphere. The shutters give it a homely feel and flood the room with natural light, woven baskets holding succulents and leafy faux plants and little trays will hold luxury bath products and for the ultimate in relaxation a specially made bath try will be commissioned to hold a wine glass for those precious moments of escape.

Guest Bathroom

For Lorraine, however, the small guest bathroom was an exciting opportunity to be adventurous and to create an unexpected little space with an otherworldly, ambient feel. You never know, a small, seemingly awkward space in your home could be a blessing in disguise! One of the members of the group had a personal connection with a particular vintage lace wallpaper design that happened to be part of our collection which they wanted to use somewhere in the flat. Hey presto, this was the perfect spot!


Guest wc with vintage luxurious decor

This inspired a luxurious and glamorous yet cosy space, warmed with carefully chosen lighting and contemporary accents. Warm metals, a sparkly pewter leaf floor and metallics in the wallpaper will be balanced by a stunning wall hung stone coloured polished concrete sink. Bespoke cabinetry with a warm grey oak finish will house the wall hung wc and be carefully designed as valuable storage. In such a tiny space, it was important to be sure everything would fit well and be streamlined.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our fifth and final moodboard coming tomorrow! You won’t want to miss Lorraine’s creative solution to solving the infamous dark, narrow hallway space!

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