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‘Art First’ Interior Design – Visioning & Moodboards 5

To wrap up our mini mood board series, let’s talk about the infamous hallway.

In a previous post on our Edinburgh interiors project, we talked about how the entrance hall of this property is a remarkably uncooperative space – when you first walk into the flat, you’re forced into a tall, narrow and claustrophobic space that immediately requires you to turn left or right.…

bathroom moodboard

‘Art First’ Interior Design – Visioning & Moodboards 4

If you’re anything like me, your Pinterest is full of beautiful bathrooms. Ones with candles flickering by antique claw foot bathtubs or concrete basins inlaid with multi-coloured mosaic tiles. If you’ve been following our mini blog series on the moodboards (you can see the last post here) then you’ll know that this week we’re focussing on the bathrooms and luckily for us, the flat in Edinburgh has not one but two!…

Inside and Art First Interior Design Project - Curious Egg - Visioning & Moodboards 1 - The Kitchen

‘Art First’ Interior Design – Visioning & Moodboards 1

Hello again, it’s great to have you back!

In our last post, we talked about Lorraine’s unique approach to tackling the research and gathering phase of our current interiors project. Her vision for the Edinburgh property was inspired not only by place, but more intriguingly by the personalities of each of her four clients that share ownership over the property.…

Edinburgh Art First interiors project - Edinburgh skyline

Edinburgh New Town ‘Art First’ Interior Design Project

Hi, I’m Genevieve. Recent graduate, fellow art admirer and interior style seeker – it’s lovely to meet you!

I’ll be keeping in touch over the coming weeks to share insights into Curious Egg’s latest Art First interiors project in Edinburgh. As always, we want to bring you with us on the creative journeys near and dear to our hearts.…