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Christmas gin cocktail blog post by Curious Egg

Christmas Gin-gle bell Cocktails!

from the best Scottish small batch gins

I thought since this is the last blog post of the year it should go out with a fizz! With only one week to go until Christmas (Yikes! haven’t even got my tree yet, nevermind presents! ) it’s a good time to be planning festive drinks ( read: ‘drinks to keep you sane’)for the big day and all the parties in between! Our little virtual Gin Bar opened its doors earlier this year and has become a popular little place to hang out especially on a Friday night either on the way home from work or as you put your feet up ready for the weekend- glass full!

In celebration, we’ve asked each of our special small batch suppliers to come up with a Christmas cocktail for you to try out and here they are..

First up, one of our newest members of The Gin Bar, the beautiful Kintyre Gin from the Beinn an Tuirc Distillery situated in the Kintyre hills of Scotland. This gin is infused with beautiful icelandic moss and sheep sorrel ( its a plant darling) – both of which are grown and hand picked on the estate – along with fresh and sparkling natural spring water from the surrounding hills. They’ve been busy and have THREE cocktails to share with us!!

Festive Gin Cocktail - Kintyre Gin Slingle Bells

Kintyre ‘Slingle Bells’

 Kintyre ‘Slingle Bells’ recipe

35ml Kintyre Gin

30ml Grenadine

2 spoonfuls Pomegranate seeds

Shake over ice

Top with soda water

Garnish a sugar rimmed glass with pomegranate seeds

Festive Gin Cocktail - Beinn an Tuirc'y Fizz

Kintyre ‘Beinn an Tuirc’y Fizz’

 Kintyre ‘Beinn an Tuirc’y Fizz’ recipe

25ml Kintyre Gin

35ml Chambord

Shake over ice

Top with Cava

Festive Gin Cocktail - Kintyre Christingle

The Kintyre Christingle

 The Kintyre Christingle Recipe

35ml Kintyre Gin

25ml Grand Marnier

150ml Fresh Orange Juice

Cinnamon stick

Orange zest

Shake over ice

Garnish a sugar rimmed glass with a cinnamon stick and a twist of orange zest

How gorgeous are they? If you can’t choose which to make, pick the one that goes with your decor! Next up is Arbikie, they’ve produced one to sit with by the fire and it’s to be served warm!

Festive Gin Cocktail - Arbikie AK's by the Fire

Arbikie By The Fire

Arbikie by the Fire ( serve warm)

50ml Ak’s Gin 100ml water
4 cloves • 1 cinnamon stick lemon peel • orange peel 1cm piece of ginger, sliced 5ml lemon juice
1 tbsp honey

Put water in a pan along with the spices, ginger, orange and lemon peel. Bring to a simmer to infuse. Discard the hot water from your glass and add 50ml of AK’s Gin.

Strain your infusion of spiced water into your glass. Stir in your honey and lemon juice to balance, and enjoy! 

That’s definitely one I’m keeping for New Year when we all gather at a cottage and huddle round the fire! Next up we have the lovely girls from Lussa Gin who have come up with a festive fizz to tantalise. We love that the Lussa comes with a little piece of tweed woven on a nearby island to Jura. A little piece of their heart!

Gin cocktail from Lussa

Luscious Lussa

Luscious Lussa Recipe

50ml x Lussa gin

10ml x Lime juice

10ml x Elderflower cordial

3 x Leaves lemon balm or mint

1 x Lemon thyme (sprig)

(Muddle all)

Fill with ice and top up with soda

Loving the emerald in this which judging by how many emerald candles have flown out the Curious Egg door seems to be the colour of Christmas this year!

Another new member to our gin bar is The Teasmith – a beautiful bottle to grace any bar trolley as you’ll see later in this post. They’ve come up with a very cool cocktail called The Southside …

The Teasmith Gin cocktail

Teasmith: The Southside

Last but not least we have the fabulous Pickerings who are going out with a bang…with their warming toddy cocktail so that even if you’ve got the sniffles, you can join in the fun and get well in the process! Win Win!

Pickerings Gin cocktail

Pickering: Some Like It Hot

Pickering’s **Some Like It Hot-Toddy**

Heat up 125ml of cloudy apple juice

Drizzle in 1 teaspoon of honey

Add a generous squeeze of lemon

Just before you remove from heat, add 35ml of Pickering’s Original 1947 Gin

Garnish with a cinnamon stick & lemon twist

So that wraps up our Christmas Gin-gle Bells Cocktail blog ( how we laughed coming up with that one). Remember we’re offering free shipping on all of the gins in our Gin Bar throughout December.

In case you missed it the lovely Bianca from French For Pineapple blog wrote a fab post on getting ready for Christmas and featured our Arbikie gin on IG stories and The Teasmith pictured here. You can get the look with our Deco cocktail glasses , Bronze keeper tray (for your limes of course) and little bamboo whisks.

gin cocktail bar with foliage and the tea smith gin

Photo: Bianca Hall – French For Pineapple Blog

Have a fabulous festive and happy Christmas and I’ll be back in the New Year with more Style Warrior secrets and other topics on the blog – Have fun!!


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