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image of a dog in an art gallery
The art school degree show season has just kicked off and last week I went along to the first of the ‘Big Four’ in Scotland -Dundee (DJCAD) where I studied many moons ago and wow was it exciting stuff! I never tire of witnessing a new wave of talent emerging with sparkling fresh ideas. This made ... Read More
Image of shoe on display as an artefact
As an artist I love to see creative ideas come out of everyday life experience so when I saw a beautiful and unconventional approach to lost love being turned into art I was infatuated! I’ll give you a little background to this inspiring discovery and then read on for my ... Read More
Christmas gin cocktail blog post by Curious Egg
I thought since this is the last blog post of the year it should go out with a fizz! With only one week to go until Christmas (Yikes! haven't even got my tree yet, nevermind presents! ) it’s a good time to be planning festive drinks ( read: 'drinks to ... Read More
Create A Little Magic This Autumn
It’s been said that all it takes is a lovely display of pumpkins outside a grocer's shop for me to stop in mid sentence, stare whimsically mouth open for a few long seconds and forget entirely what I was saying - it’s called in our house, ‘a pumpkin moment’ . Roddy ... Read More
Decorating With Accent Walls
Don’t know if you’ve heard but apparently decorating with ‘feature’ walls is out. Tchsssh so harsh! - it’s hard not to feel a bit sorry for these discarded heroes of fashion, cast aside and sniggered at with a ‘to-think-anyone-thought-that-looked-good’ smugness that only comes when we know the evidence of our own ... Read More
8 Tips For Curating Art in Your Home...
I thought I'd share a few tips I have on curating art for your home. People sometimes get put off by the word ‘curate’ thinking it’s something that takes place in an art gallery by a professional and not for the everyday home. It’s true it takes some skill but honestly, ... Read More
Cosy Dining Room Makeover
Winter has not left the building! Despite what you read in magazines or hear on TV- the snowdrops may well be poking through the ground but they resemble little groups of sullen teenagers that have been dragged out of bed too early - the birds may be tweeting but don’t be ... Read More
My Funny Valentine
February is an indulgent month in our family, my sister's birthday is the day before mine (Ha! work that one out : ) and preceding both of those is Valentine's day which makes it one potentially frantic period of forward planning in the weeks before for the 'boys' in our life ... Read More