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statues in memento park budapest
So many major events have hit the world hard in the last few months, it's been hard to concentrate on the day to day when life as we know it is in flux. The most recent and highly charged of these events has been a series of horrific incidents of ... Read More
terrace in the south of France - photo: Louise Sayers
I have a dream. Am I allowed to use those iconic words? I'll just borrow them for now. The dream is made up of four parts, the first part (now underway) is to set up and run my own creative business mixing art and interiors - check! (still all a ... Read More
'Art First' Interior Design - Visioning & Moodboards 5
To wrap up our mini mood board series, let’s talk about the infamous hallway. In a previous post on our Edinburgh interiors project, we talked about how the entrance hall of this property is a remarkably uncooperative space – when you first walk into the flat, you’re forced into a tall, ... Read More
bathroom moodboard
If you’re anything like me, your Pinterest is full of beautiful bathrooms. Ones with candles flickering by antique claw foot bathtubs or concrete basins inlaid with multi-coloured mosaic tiles. If you've been following our mini blog series on the moodboards (you can see the last post here) then you'll know ... Read More
Curious Egg Opens its doors for Perth Open Studios 2018
This September, we’re delighted to be taking part in Perthshire Open Studios for the first time! Now in its eleventh year, the annual nine-day event offers art lovers the opportunity to visit the studios and workshops of local creators. From Saturday 1st September to Sunday 9th September, artists and makers ... Read More
Talking Interiors On The Little Yellow Couch!
As you may know by now, Curious Egg is about bringing together three elements under one roof as a lifestyle store; art, interiors and wellbeing. I feel strongly that these things should be intertwined and are intrinsic in creating a healthy, happy home - one that ultimately allows you to ... Read More
Image of shoe on display as an artefact
As an artist I love to see creative ideas come out of everyday life experience so when I saw a beautiful and unconventional approach to lost love being turned into art I was infatuated! I’ll give you a little background to this inspiring discovery and then read on for my ... Read More
HenPower meets Curious Egg
' HenPower? Ageing? What on earth has that got to do with art or interiors?!', I hear you shout. Well… more than you might think so bear with me while I introduce you to an amazing idea. When we set up Curious Egg, we wanted to connect three distinct elements ... Read More
Flea Market Finds!
After a day or two of rest we head in for another day in Berlin. This time a recommended Sunday flea market and 'hidden' art market are our target destinations.  Berlin has a lovely vibe on a Sunday with plenty of excuses to kick back, relax and people watch. There are one or ... Read More
Emotive Buildings, Eclectic Interiors
We're shooting across Germany on these superfast autobahns. Both of us are excited to be heading to Berlin not least because of the dire events of yesterday but we're both keen to discover more about this cool and edgy city (its Roddy's first visit too and I know he'll love it!) as well as recharge our batteries ... Read More
Curious Tools & Handmade Textiles
The little campsite at Grimbergen just outside Brussels was a gem of a find, very clean, organised and yet chilled out (we generally steer away from over organised campsites -too uptight and over manicured) with attractive layout and planting - as much as we'd like to wild camp we need wi fi ... Read More
Wild Winds to Stitched Paper Prints
Phew! After spending a lovely sunset first evening across the Channel in Blankenberge Belgium, eating tasty seafood and sipping wine beside the sea, we spent a scary night braving a major storm at our beachside campsite - I actually believed at one point that we might spin off into the night ... Read More
The Curious Egg Adventure
There's something childishly thrilling about a tiny living space, especially one on wheels that you will call home for the next three months and that will store your belongings, bed and kitchen area in ingenious little nooks and crannies ready for an adventure! I also enjoy the problem solving, discipline ... Read More
The Trip
So starting the blog was the first part of the dream, the second was to go on a trip. A trip like no other we've ever been on and one that would mean throwing caution to the wind, jumping off the edge and not knowing where or if we would ... Read More