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image of a dog in an art gallery
The art school degree show season has just kicked off and last week I went along to the first of the ‘Big Four’ in Scotland -Dundee (DJCAD) where I studied many moons ago and wow was it exciting stuff! I never tire of witnessing a new wave of talent emerging with sparkling fresh ideas. This made ... Read More
Daniel Pirsc in his porcelain worshop
Porcelain wallpaper - are you thinking what I was thinking? What could that possibly look like?  The idea was starting to make my head hurt so whilst on our travels through Europe, we decided to seek out the maker of this magic and ask him to explain himself and this ... Read More
Inigo Scout
There’s something about saying the word blanket that sounds comforting. B-l-a-n-k-e-t, it just peels off the tongue rises into the air and gently comes to rest around your shoulders with a soft ’t’. 'Onomatopoeia' I think they call it - always wondered when I'd have a need to use that word! But ... Read More
Mario Gerth
Photography is enjoying major superstar status as the choice art form for the coolest, most chic interiors and since we recently launched the incredible work of German artist Mario Gerth in our very own Art Room, I thought it might be interesting to take you a little behind the scenes ... Read More
Discover Tatine
Oh no! I thought I’d have time to squeeze in another ‘garden’ post just before summer is deemed officially over but with our new Autumn/Winter collection tapping its fingers impatiently, waiting to be uploaded to the site, along with me irresponsibly running off to London Design festival and shirking my ... Read More
The Stone Hunter
There is something intriguing about a man who hunts stones for a living. Most of us have strolled along beaches and half-consciously picked up a pebble that has ‘spoken’ to us maybe through its eye-catching colour or seductively smooth texture. It’s a casual gesture but a primal one and whether ... Read More
An Amazonian Garden Fantasy
This year for my birthday, I got a beautiful book, ‘The Cabaret of Plants - Botany and the Imagination’ by Richard Mabey - how great a title is that? Now it has to be said that I do actually judge a book by its cover which is why I’ve never converted to ebooks ... Read More
Flea Market Finds!
After a day or two of rest we head in for another day in Berlin. This time a recommended Sunday flea market and 'hidden' art market are our target destinations.  Berlin has a lovely vibe on a Sunday with plenty of excuses to kick back, relax and people watch. There are one or ... Read More
Emotive Buildings, Eclectic Interiors
We're shooting across Germany on these superfast autobahns. Both of us are excited to be heading to Berlin not least because of the dire events of yesterday but we're both keen to discover more about this cool and edgy city (its Roddy's first visit too and I know he'll love it!) as well as recharge our batteries ... Read More
Whimsical Garden Sculpture...
After the heart stopping ceramic artworks we found in Seigburg, followed by a quick but interesting visit to the home of Kushi Grazzini and her husband Ilija Frenzel who make contemporary salt glazed vases and replica medieval tableware respectively, we made the difficult decision not to visit the lively and ... Read More
Giant Vessels, Colossal Cathedrals
Cologne has a cool, charming almost Parisian feel about it with its ornate stately buildings and busy corner cafes and we are sat comfortably at one of these like locals, sipping an early morning coffee while on the phone. We are arranging to visit the studios of some artists who ... Read More
Curious Tools & Handmade Textiles
The little campsite at Grimbergen just outside Brussels was a gem of a find, very clean, organised and yet chilled out (we generally steer away from over organised campsites -too uptight and over manicured) with attractive layout and planting - as much as we'd like to wild camp we need wi fi ... Read More
Wild Winds to Stitched Paper Prints
Phew! After spending a lovely sunset first evening across the Channel in Blankenberge Belgium, eating tasty seafood and sipping wine beside the sea, we spent a scary night braving a major storm at our beachside campsite - I actually believed at one point that we might spin off into the night ... Read More
The Curious Egg Adventure
There's something childishly thrilling about a tiny living space, especially one on wheels that you will call home for the next three months and that will store your belongings, bed and kitchen area in ingenious little nooks and crannies ready for an adventure! I also enjoy the problem solving, discipline ... Read More
The Trip
So starting the blog was the first part of the dream, the second was to go on a trip. A trip like no other we've ever been on and one that would mean throwing caution to the wind, jumping off the edge and not knowing where or if we would ... Read More
Charlotte Cadzow - Maker Profile
For the first time this year, I am amazed to be reaching for my sunglasses as I drive the coastal road from Edinburgh to the small town of Dirleton to meet Charlotte Cadzow at her home studio. It's actually Scotland! The three cherry blossoms signalling I should park ... Read More