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Improving Older People's Lives Through Creativity... and Hens!

At Curious Egg, we are passionate about the power of art to improve lives and we love to work with creative people. That’s why we are so proud of our partnership with Equal Arts – an amazing charity making a huge difference to older people’s lives through new thinking and creativity. Equal Arts’ innovative and original projects bring real purpose, connection, friendship and joy to the older people they help and we are privileged and excited to support them. Read our HenPower blog post to find out more about our partnership.

We donate a percentage of every Curious Egg sale to Equal Arts to help them do more of their amazing work.

“We are proud to support Equal Arts. We love the idea that every time one of our customers buys something beautiful for their home they they can help make a small difference in someone’s life through art and creativity.”

Lorraine Aaron

Equal Arts are a leading creative ageing charity based in Gateshead, supporting older people and those living with Dementia across the UK. Their team works to improve the lives of older people through creativity and arts activities.

Memory may diminish but imagination remains.

Equal Arts work focuses on giving people the opportunity to explore their imagination and live in the moment. They strongly believe in the health benefits of the arts and support care staff and artists to deliver musical, visual and movement-based creative activities with active older people and those living with dementia.

Douglas Hunter, Equal Arts

“There is a growing understanding that creativity is intact long after other cognitive functions decline.  We see first-hand the impact the arts have – encouraging care home residents to explore their creativity and live in the moment.  The Curious Egg team understand and share our passion for enhancing lives through creativity and we are delighted to be working with them.”

HenPower was devised while the Equal Arts team were working in a care setting delivering arts activities.  A man living there would talk about missing his girls. The team discovered his ‘girls’ were his hens. Equal Arts supported the care setting to set up a hen house and bring chickens into the home alongside a programme of creative activities for residents.

The project, which has since been rolled out to over 40 care homes gives people a role and responsibility and residents can be involved as much as they wish.  It moves away from the passive care you so often see in care settings, instead harnessing imagination and encouraging people to get involved in new things empowering themselves.

Watch “The Hen Men” to see how the project is making a difference to Ossie and Alan, just two of the active volunteers taking their Henthusiasm for hens and hatching to schools, care settings and festivals with the Hen Road Shows.

"I’ve made some great friends through HenPower. What I like about the HenPower is that you’re not entertained, you’re involved. You make decisions for yourself and you work as a group. I love to tell everyone how it’s changed my life, about how it’s changing older people’s lives."

Tom Appleby, 89