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Welcome to the Curious Egg Gin Bar!
As you know we like to do things a little differently here at Curious Egg. We believe you, our customers, are among the most discerning, stylish and creative homemakers in the world. We want to make your shopping experience with us a unique and extra special experience and it’s with this in mind that we invite you to take an unusual route while shopping for your home by pulling up a stool at our virtual bar and letting us tell you some stories!

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These stories will introduce you to a very special group of artisan makers. They craft a unique elixir commonly know as ‘gin’ but uncommonly distilled in the most unusual of circumstances and surroundings. Our handpicked selection of exquisite small batch craft gins comes from some of most unique distilleries in our homeland –Scotland! From a tiny remote island on the West coast, much of which is uninhabited to the world’s first single estate distillery making it’s own alcohol from field to bottle; a village community enterprise helping it’s local economy to prosper to a repurposed vet school within the heart of our capital city which has a reinvented a secret recipe from the days of the Raj – each has its own unique story to tell and takes pride in a prize crafted product.
The Scottish craft gin market is positively booming and we’ve discovered that this is to do with the specific characters of the diverse landscapes of Scotland which produce some of the purest water sources and rarest flora in the world. These are harvested by the makers and used to construct and flavour some of the finest, most complex gins on the market.
What used to be referred to as the ‘housewife’s ruin’ has risen in rank and evolved into a refined connoisseur’s spirit made with passion and such careful attention to every detail that they demand to be sipped and savoured in a special moment away from the everyday chaos of life – so come and join us… it’s Gin o’clock!

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The Gin Bar

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