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We know it can be difficult to find the time or resources to define and hunt down that special something for your home or business interior and this is where Curious Egg can help. We research and travel often far from the well worn trail to find the most unusual and intriguing products – those that show the story of how they were created perhaps in their uneven hand marked texture and meticulously worked surface details; those that intrigue through form and shape or those that exhilarate through unexpected colour combinations and out of this world scale. We can source specific items, or have something bespoke made to your requirements – working with skilled artisans, independent designers and professional artists we can ensure that you acquire that special piece. We can help you to create the most elegant, enchanting and expressive interiors that uplift and excite for years to come.
Our Artist Network
We handpick artists whose work we love. Having built up an extensive network of artists, designers and makers across Scotland, the UK and far reaches of Europe – working in the fields of painting, printmaking, sculpture, textiles, mixed media and photography – we promote a brave approach to choosing unique and exciting artworks that will elevate your home or business interiors to a new level. We aim to be supportive of our artists whether they are new graduates or more established their fields spending time with them to gain an understanding of how they work and their ambitions for the future. Its important that the art we commission should ultimately be interesting for the artists to make and of value to their creative development.
Art Direction
Curious Egg can provide art direction helping you to plan and visualise art within your home or business environment. From general advice on different styles, media, colours, themes and scale we can advise you what to think about when buying art. We can help with planning art for specific sites and spaces as well as communicating ideas and concepts in a way that is friendly and accessible.
Commissioning an artist can seem like a daunting prospect. Curious Egg can help break down the barriers to accessing artists or designers who can make a unique piece of work just for you. As an artist herself, Lorraine understands the creative process from coming up with outline concepts and developing them further to material sourcing, making and installing. Her 20 years experience as a professional artist has enabled her to collaborate with other artists, interior designers and architects in the creative planning of projects large and small. From helping you to find the best place to display art in your home or business environment to finding the right artist, putting together a creative brief and understanding the commissioning process – we can help every step of the way.
Bespoke Design & Making
As well as working with the other makers to commission products or artworks we can also make our own exclusive in-house creations especially for you. With an extensive range of practical creative skills ranging from drawing, painting and mixed media work to sculpture, glass and metalwork, Curious Egg has the ability to interpret your vision and make it a reality.

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