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Welcome to Curious Egg – the place where the worlds of art and home interiors collide. Curious Egg is an interiors shop and art sourcing service run by Lorraine Aaron – a professional artist with a passion for inspirational interiors with art at their soul. Join her on her adventures into the most extraordinary homes, unexpected spaces and hidden artist studios – sharing her best finds, tips and sources along the way.

Blog Posts

studio in Greece belonging to artist Holly Drewett
Conceptual or representational? What kind or art makes your heart beat faster?  In this episode of the podcast I chat to artist Holly Drewett about this very topic and how her work in printmaking has changed over the years since graduating moving in a more experimental and conceptual direction. Holly’s ... Read More
Gill Walton's artist studio for the Art First Interiors Podcast
From Shamanic journeys deep into the subconscious to the special properties of silver in protecting people from the great plague, this week I chat to artist Gill Walton about some of the intriguing processes and techniques that she uses in making her work. Gill talks about the DNA of an ... Read More
fabric covered ceiling of interior designer Jennifer Devaney
Maximalist or minimalist, which one are you darling? Join me in this episode of The Art First Interiors as I chat to interior designer, surface artist and (she won’t mind me saying) unapologetic eccentric, Jennifer Devaney about her theatrical home and her ‘why not’ approach to home decorating. I discovered ... Read More
Podcast Chat With Dee Campling
To kick off series 2 of the Art First Interiors podcast, I chat to the lovely Dee Campling whose creative and relaxed ‘Boho-Scandi’ style has become iconic on Instagram. Her home has a beautiful and intriguing air of nomadic living, where objects collected on past travels rest casually against walls ... Read More
statues in memento park budapest
So many major events have hit the world hard in the last few months, it's been hard to concentrate on the day to day when life as we know it is in flux. The most recent and highly charged of these events has been a series of horrific incidents of ... Read More
Art First Interiors Podcast Episode #4 - An Interview With Artist Karenina Fabrizzi. Feature Image showing Karenina's Barcelona Studio
This week on the podcast I chat to artist Karenina Fabrizzi directly from her studio in Barcelona! We chat about her life as a professional artist and how her practice has evolved over the years and why she always like to stay open to new challenges and experiences. We discuss ... Read More
Podcast chat with Lou Watkins
Do you risk assess your art before buying? Do you consider ‘recycling’ pieces you no longer want on eBay? Join me in this episode of the Art First Interiors Podcast as I chat to creative home maker, home library styling queen and vintage art lover Lou Watkins on how she ... Read More
The Art First Interiors Podcast Episode 2 - A Chat With Artist Rachel Louise Lee. Picture of One of Rachel's Artworks on a bench with a vase of dried flowers
This week I visit the studio of Rachel Louise Lee, one of our Art Room Artists to chat about life beyond art school and her creative process. Rachel Graduated in 2015 and has since set up studio in her home to continue her practice. We chat about the importance of ... Read More
Podcast chat with Jasmine Edwards
In this episode of the Art First Interiors podcast, I chat to creative homemaker and online gallery owner, Jasmine Edwards about her art filled home. We talk about her favourite places to source art, making a considered purchase versus an impulsive one and the dreaded, what if my tastes change ... Read More
Helma Bongenaar decorative plate window
My grandmother didn’t walk she glided. I rarely saw her feet because they were hidden beneath that most beautiful shimmering silk saris sometimes detailed with real gold thread and beautiful peacock blues and greens. She was small like me and used to seemingly float along to wherever she was going ... Read More
Curious Egg Style Warrior Secrets - Danielle Le Petit
I first launched the style warrior secrets series because I was interested in what drives people to be creative in choosing decor and items for their home whether it be to experiment and release a hidden side to their personality,  to escape from the real world, to show off to ... Read More
terrace in the south of France - photo: Louise Sayers
I have a dream. Am I allowed to use those iconic words? I'll just borrow them for now. The dream is made up of four parts, the first part (now underway) is to set up and run my own creative business mixing art and interiors - check! (still all a ... Read More
The Girl With The Green Sofa interior styled room
Every year for my birthday I used to get a lovely book from my school friend. Her dad worked for a major publishing company and always brought home the latest new releases. This started at age four with early memories of opening a shiny new edition of the latest adventures ... Read More
'Art First' Interior Design - Visioning & Moodboards 5
To wrap up our mini mood board series, let’s talk about the infamous hallway. In a previous post on our Edinburgh interiors project, we talked about how the entrance hall of this property is a remarkably uncooperative space – when you first walk into the flat, you’re forced into a tall, ... Read More
bathroom moodboard
If you’re anything like me, your Pinterest is full of beautiful bathrooms. Ones with candles flickering by antique claw foot bathtubs or concrete basins inlaid with multi-coloured mosaic tiles. If you've been following our mini blog series on the moodboards (you can see the last post here) then you'll know ... Read More
'Art First' Interior Design - Visioning & Moodboards 3
If you've been following our mini blog series on moodboarding for the Edinburgh New Town property you'll know we're moving onto the main living spaces! Don't worry if you missed our last post on the bedroom dilemma, you can catch up here. An essential element to keep in mind when ... Read More
Inside an Art First Interior Design Project - Visioning and Moodboards - Bedrooms
Continuing from our last post on the Edinburgh New Town apartment moodboards series, where Lorraine is designing nine spaces all at once, we move on to the bedrooms.   Bedrooms are often the most intimate and personal spaces within our homes – our nest and our sanctuary. Completely unique to us. When ... Read More
Inside and Art First Interior Design Project - Curious Egg - Visioning & Moodboards 1 - The Kitchen
Hello again, it’s great to have you back! In our last post, we talked about Lorraine’s unique approach to tackling the research and gathering phase of our current interiors project. Her vision for the Edinburgh property was inspired not only by place, but more intriguingly by the personalities of each ... Read More
Curious Egg Opens its doors for Perth Open Studios 2018
This September, we’re delighted to be taking part in Perthshire Open Studios for the first time! Now in its eleventh year, the annual nine-day event offers art lovers the opportunity to visit the studios and workshops of local creators. From Saturday 1st September to Sunday 9th September, artists and makers ... Read More
'Art First' Interior Design - The Research Phase
In this second instalment of our inside look at an ‘Art First’ interior design project we explore the research phase of the project, a key formative stage where we gather and listen to fully understand the client’s vision for the property. If you haven’t already read the first instalment you ... Read More
Edinburgh Art First interiors project - Edinburgh skyline
Hi, I’m Genevieve. Recent graduate, fellow art admirer and interior style seeker - it’s lovely to meet you! I’ll be keeping in touch over the coming weeks to share insights into Curious Egg’s latest Art First interiors project in Edinburgh. As always, we want to bring you with us on ... Read More
art first interior design project
Curious Egg was born out of my passionate belief in the power of art to make life better.  Our homes are our sanctuaries – the place we retreat to after a busy day, where we feel safe and can truly be ourselves. The things we choose to surround ourselves with ... Read More
Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair 2018 - Show Preview
Spring is finally here and that means art fairs and degree shows are just around the corner - whoop whoop! I can report that Curious Egg will be exhibiting again at this years Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair - taking place at Glasgow's iconic Kelvingrove Art Gallery from the 11th to ... Read More
Talking Interiors On The Little Yellow Couch!
As you may know by now, Curious Egg is about bringing together three elements under one roof as a lifestyle store; art, interiors and wellbeing. I feel strongly that these things should be intertwined and are intrinsic in creating a healthy, happy home - one that ultimately allows you to ... Read More
blog post image Style Warrior secrets Kate Learmonth by Curious Egg
If you’ve ever read ‘The Life of Pi ‘ you’ll know that a good story requires certain ingredients - a great opening line, an intriguing lead character, a twist in the plot and for me, a touch of fantasy mixed in. I loved that book for so many reasons although ... Read More
Monachyle Mhor hotel room
Running through the veins of the most creative entrepreneurs, I think, is a mantra that goes like this, ’ in times of uncertainty, innovate and diversify’ and in the first of my new ‘Creative Minds’ posts, I’ve chosen a special place created by a innovative farming family who have done just that ... Read More
ricing room with black class and bright colourful eclectic decor belonging to Pati Robins
Can a home hold emotion? I don’t mean can it affect how you feel because we know that’s true, but can it actually hold emotion in its walls? If you’ve ever seen the work of sculptor Rachel Whiteread you’ll know this isn’t a completely ridiculous idea. Her sculpture ‘House’ along ... Read More
Style Warrior Secrets: Lisa Dawson
People often think being a perfectionist as a good thing but I think that probably in most walks of life and certainly in the creative world, it’s actually a curse not a blessing! It can prevent you from starting things nevermind completing them and then when you finally do complete ... Read More
Style Warrior Secrets: Nadia Singleton
If you caught my last blog post you’ll know I’ve introduced a new fortnightly series called ‘Style Warrior Secrets’ where I interview and feature the homes of inspirational people who express a unique style and individuality within their home using art and creativity. Next up is someone whose incredible artistic ... Read More
style warrior eclectic living room Jasmine Edwards
I'm so excited to introduce the first post of the new 'Style Warrior Secrets’ series where I'll be talking to  inspirational people who express a unique style and individuality within their home using art and creativity in imaginative ways. It's not about one look or style, it focuses on people ... Read More
image of a dog in an art gallery
The art school degree show season has just kicked off and last week I went along to the first of the ‘Big Four’ in Scotland -Dundee (DJCAD) where I studied many moons ago and wow was it exciting stuff! I never tire of witnessing a new wave of talent emerging with sparkling fresh ideas. This made ... Read More
Typographical garden art
Type based or typographical art is still the popular choice for eclectic interiors and pocket sized 'street' philosophy can now be seen on at least one wall in just about every home in the UK - some specimens more creative and insightful than others I have to say and don’t get me ... Read More
artists painted curtain artwork in a garden in southern france
An artist’s garden is a fantasy of mine. I have several garden fantasies ever since we got our own garden after living three floors up in a flat for years. One of them and you’ll know this if you’ve read my Amazonian Garden blog post, is to create a tropical ... Read More
A Secret Coastal Hideaway
Now that everyone’s in a hurry to plan their Easter holidays, can I ask a question -do you know Henry’s? Well if you do you’re in on the secret and if you don’t, well I’m going to share the secret. It’s a tale of a special place, run by special people ... Read More
Daniel Pirsc in his porcelain worshop
Porcelain wallpaper - are you thinking what I was thinking? What could that possibly look like?  The idea was starting to make my head hurt so whilst on our travels through Europe, we decided to seek out the maker of this magic and ask him to explain himself and this ... Read More
Image of shoe on display as an artefact
As an artist I love to see creative ideas come out of everyday life experience so when I saw a beautiful and unconventional approach to lost love being turned into art I was infatuated! I’ll give you a little background to this inspiring discovery and then read on for my ... Read More
2017 Home Styling - 5 Retro Art Movements You Need To Know
Hey my first blog post of the year woohoo! January is gone ( hopefully along with its weather!) - always a month of resetting, reflecting and forward planning and now that we stand peering out at the year ahead, it may seem a bit frivolous to be talking about interior ... Read More
Christmas gin cocktail blog post by Curious Egg
I thought since this is the last blog post of the year it should go out with a fizz! With only one week to go until Christmas (Yikes! haven't even got my tree yet, nevermind presents! ) it’s a good time to be planning festive drinks ( read: 'drinks to ... Read More
Inigo Scout
There’s something about saying the word blanket that sounds comforting. B-l-a-n-k-e-t, it just peels off the tongue rises into the air and gently comes to rest around your shoulders with a soft ’t’. 'Onomatopoeia' I think they call it - always wondered when I'd have a need to use that word! But ... Read More
Mario Gerth
Photography is enjoying major superstar status as the choice art form for the coolest, most chic interiors and since we recently launched the incredible work of German artist Mario Gerth in our very own Art Room, I thought it might be interesting to take you a little behind the scenes ... Read More
Create A Little Magic This Autumn
It’s been said that all it takes is a lovely display of pumpkins outside a grocer's shop for me to stop in mid sentence, stare whimsically mouth open for a few long seconds and forget entirely what I was saying - it’s called in our house, ‘a pumpkin moment’ . Roddy ... Read More
Discover Tatine
Oh no! I thought I’d have time to squeeze in another ‘garden’ post just before summer is deemed officially over but with our new Autumn/Winter collection tapping its fingers impatiently, waiting to be uploaded to the site, along with me irresponsibly running off to London Design festival and shirking my ... Read More
Decorating With Accent Walls
Don’t know if you’ve heard but apparently decorating with ‘feature’ walls is out. Tchsssh so harsh! - it’s hard not to feel a bit sorry for these discarded heroes of fashion, cast aside and sniggered at with a ‘to-think-anyone-thought-that-looked-good’ smugness that only comes when we know the evidence of our own ... Read More
An Eclectic, Eccentric Home with French Flair
This is an eclectic interiors post I’ve been meaning to write for a while but now seems like a perfect moment since I’ve just been talking about curating art in your home and being brave and expressive.  Someone who does this perfectly is my ‘instafriend’ ( I have those now! ... Read More
8 Tips For Curating Art in Your Home...
I thought I'd share a few tips I have on curating art for your home. People sometimes get put off by the word ‘curate’ thinking it’s something that takes place in an art gallery by a professional and not for the everyday home. It’s true it takes some skill but honestly, ... Read More
HenPower meets Curious Egg
' HenPower? Ageing? What on earth has that got to do with art or interiors?!', I hear you shout. Well… more than you might think so bear with me while I introduce you to an amazing idea. When we set up Curious Egg, we wanted to connect three distinct elements ... Read More
The Stone Hunter
There is something intriguing about a man who hunts stones for a living. Most of us have strolled along beaches and half-consciously picked up a pebble that has ‘spoken’ to us maybe through its eye-catching colour or seductively smooth texture. It’s a casual gesture but a primal one and whether ... Read More
New Technologies & The Handmade
With London Craft Week just behind us and craft fairs coming into full bloom, ‘handcrafted’ is a bit of a hot topic at the moment as are ‘ new technologies’ - a slightly odd couple to be sharing the creative industry headlines. While I was musing over this, I saw an ... Read More
Scaling the Walls
I have always felt bigger than I really am. Ok at 5ft 1" I knew wasn't tall but it has literally taken years for it to occur to me I could actually be seen as a 'small person'. That’s the funny thing about scale, its all about perception and illusions (…no, not ... Read More
An Amazonian Garden Fantasy
This year for my birthday, I got a beautiful book, ‘The Cabaret of Plants - Botany and the Imagination’ by Richard Mabey - how great a title is that? Now it has to be said that I do actually judge a book by its cover which is why I’ve never converted to ebooks ... Read More
Cosy Dining Room Makeover
Winter has not left the building! Despite what you read in magazines or hear on TV- the snowdrops may well be poking through the ground but they resemble little groups of sullen teenagers that have been dragged out of bed too early - the birds may be tweeting but don’t be ... Read More
My Funny Valentine
February is an indulgent month in our family, my sister's birthday is the day before mine (Ha! work that one out : ) and preceding both of those is Valentine's day which makes it one potentially frantic period of forward planning in the weeks before for the 'boys' in our life ... Read More
Interior Trends for 2016
I'm kicking off with an interior trends hotlist for the year ahead.  After a bit of a break from the blog to launch the our new online store, it feels good to get back to writing and my New Year resolution is to write shorter (you'll be glad to hear) and ... Read More
Tales of Glass Eyes...
The gentle up and down of the road to Lauscha has a soothing effect on our minds after the overload of delights in Berlin. Its quite fresh outside and the green landscape is a welcome change from the hard lines of the cities. We pass lots of small villages scattered ... Read More
Challenging Sculpture
Leipzig is described as eastern Germany’s most dynamic city after Berlin. The art produced here appears to be a sizzling mix of classical realism (where traditional methods of drawing/painting/sculpting are used to accurately capture the anatomy and mood of the subject) and a ‘relatively' new found (post communist) freedom of ... Read More
Flea Market Finds!
After a day or two of rest we head in for another day in Berlin. This time a recommended Sunday flea market and 'hidden' art market are our target destinations.  Berlin has a lovely vibe on a Sunday with plenty of excuses to kick back, relax and people watch. There are one or ... Read More
Emotive Buildings, Eclectic Interiors
We're shooting across Germany on these superfast autobahns. Both of us are excited to be heading to Berlin not least because of the dire events of yesterday but we're both keen to discover more about this cool and edgy city (its Roddy's first visit too and I know he'll love it!) as well as recharge our batteries ... Read More
Whimsical Garden Sculpture...
After the heart stopping ceramic artworks we found in Seigburg, followed by a quick but interesting visit to the home of Kushi Grazzini and her husband Ilija Frenzel who make contemporary salt glazed vases and replica medieval tableware respectively, we made the difficult decision not to visit the lively and ... Read More
Giant Vessels, Colossal Cathedrals
Cologne has a cool, charming almost Parisian feel about it with its ornate stately buildings and busy corner cafes and we are sat comfortably at one of these like locals, sipping an early morning coffee while on the phone. We are arranging to visit the studios of some artists who ... Read More
Curious Tools & Handmade Textiles
The little campsite at Grimbergen just outside Brussels was a gem of a find, very clean, organised and yet chilled out (we generally steer away from over organised campsites -too uptight and over manicured) with attractive layout and planting - as much as we'd like to wild camp we need wi fi ... Read More
Wild Winds to Stitched Paper Prints
Phew! After spending a lovely sunset first evening across the Channel in Blankenberge Belgium, eating tasty seafood and sipping wine beside the sea, we spent a scary night braving a major storm at our beachside campsite - I actually believed at one point that we might spin off into the night ... Read More
The Curious Egg Adventure
There's something childishly thrilling about a tiny living space, especially one on wheels that you will call home for the next three months and that will store your belongings, bed and kitchen area in ingenious little nooks and crannies ready for an adventure! I also enjoy the problem solving, discipline ... Read More
The Trip
So starting the blog was the first part of the dream, the second was to go on a trip. A trip like no other we've ever been on and one that would mean throwing caution to the wind, jumping off the edge and not knowing where or if we would ... Read More
Charlotte Cadzow - Maker Profile
For the first time this year, I am amazed to be reaching for my sunglasses as I drive the coastal road from Edinburgh to the small town of Dirleton to meet Charlotte Cadzow at her home studio. It's actually Scotland! The three cherry blossoms signalling I should park ... Read More
Welcome to Curious Egg blog!
Hello, I'm Lorraine and this is the launch of my new blog which will document my discoveries and interests in the worlds of interiors, art, architecture and travel as well as any interesting people, places or food I encounter along the way. This is also my very first blog entry ... Read More