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Welcome to the Art First Interiors Blog.  I’m Lorraine Aaron – a professional artist and interior designer with a background in sculpture, painting, public and gallery art.

I’m obsessed about how we can use art as the basis for incredible interior design.  Here on the blog I talk to like minded creative souls and interior style warriors about the things that inspire them, their relationship with art and how it informs their creative process – and look through the keyhole at the amazing interior spaces they create.  

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Relaxed, fun chats about art and creativity with people we find interesting and inspiring.

Peeking through the keyhole of the art first interiors we love and uncovering the ideas and stories of the people who create them.

Journeys into the minds of artists, designers, creators and makers in search of fresh ideas and inspiration!

Quirky, unusual and unexpected stories and experiences that give pause for thought and open up new perspectives.

Creative ideas, hacks and tips to help inspire your interior design process.

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Recent Posts

studio in Greece belonging to artist Holly Drewett
Art First Interiors Podcast
Lorraine Aaron

Podcast Chat with Holly Drewett

A study trip to Japan during her degree helped her to appreciate the value of craftsmanship and nature of materials more deeply and it was here that she discovered the lithographic

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Gill Walton's artist studio for the Art First Interiors Podcast
Art First Interiors Podcast
Lorraine Aaron

Podcast Chat with Gill Walton

From Shamanic journeys deep into the subconscious to the special properties of silver in protecting people from the great plague, this week I chat to artist Gill Walton about some of the intriguing processes and techniques that she uses in making her work. Gill talks about the DNA of an

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fabric covered ceiling of interior designer Jennifer Devaney