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Abi Baikie

Abi Baikie graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, Scotland, with a BA Hons in Fine Art. She received the Invited Graduate Award 2015 from The Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) and during the SSA Annual Exhibition was awarded the Southfield Prize. Abi’s work, as well as being exhibited in her home country of Scotland, has featured in shows in China and the USA.

Why We love Abi’s Work
As someone who loves to travel to faraway places, I know how frustrating it is trying to capture or accurately describe an atmosphere from a special place I’ve visited– be it the dusty air, hazy light, scents or sounds from a market or the unique energy of the people – we settle for photos but the memories are always richer. Abi has travelled to Cambodia many times having initially visited the country as an NGO worker in 2011. It had such an impact on her that she packed in her job and went to live there for a period to explore her creative drive. She now has a profound love for this country with its troubled history and the effects of the Khmer Rouge still having an impact on its people.

While there, she was surprised to discover a vibrant emerging art scene that’s helping people to express their difficult life experiences as well as their hopes for the future. She invested time in listening to their stories and making strong friendships that no doubt will last a lifetime. For me, Abi’s work takes a different approach to documenting and preserving memories of a place to share with us.

Each image is built up in screen printed layers and in the same way that our memories of a place are not static, the images seem to float in and out of focus – some are bold some quiet. Textures, colour, pattern, architectural details and unexpected everyday objects are layered one on top of the other, building a visual ‘tapestry’ that illustrates a significant memory from her travels. The works are quietly balanced and serene yet each has a unique vibrancy that reflects the nature of the people she met. If you’ve ever travelled to Asia or dreamed of it, these works will speak to you!

Exclusive to Curious Egg
We’ve been working with Abi to put together a selection of her work that best represents her Cambodian experience. The originals are screen printed in layers on wooden panels with hand painted details and inset into a beautifully simple wood frame. We are also delighted to offer beautiful reproductions of these originals as museum quality limited edition Giclee prints on the finest Hahnemuhle photorag paper.

“My travels to Asia inspired my current style, embracing strong colours and striking patterns, imitating the vibrancy and bustle that first hits you in countries like Cambodia and India. I work with a range of media and use various techniques such as screen-print, oil painting, stencils and spray-paints. I often begin with bold, striking backgrounds then select individual objects to oil paint on top, which are selected from my own photographs I take during my travels. These objects give a human aspect to the work, something the viewer can relate to, something familiar. However, they are often unusual or slightly abstract so they cannot be placed entirely and maintain a little unfamiliarity and curiosity.

I love to play with contrasts in my work; flat areas of colour against a fluid oil painting, clean lines alongside soft curves or a chaotic background consisting of several layers completed with a single refined object on top. I feel the need to express my art through various forms as I fluctuate between various moods depending on where the work takes me. Sometimes I enjoy the precise flawless edge created with a stencil or a masked area that I spray paint, whereas other times I feel the urge to use rollers and even my hands to create the background before I adopt a far more focused approach to a very detailed oil painting. For me a mixture of mediums work well together and a dialogue is created between each element of the work. Each piece takes me on a journey through many stages and processes before arriving at a destination where I feel I can step away.”

Abi Baikie

Original Artworks

Limited Edition Prints