Featured Artist 

Alice Hughes

Elegant silk screen prints illuminating intriguing modernist forms  

Artist Profile

Alice Hughes graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2017 with a Fine Art degree in Painting and Printmaking.  She has exhibited across Scotland including the Glue Factory, Glasgow and recently curated a group show in the city. Alice has settled in Glasgow and is currently creating new work that intertwines fine art and design.

“With influence from early modernist movements such as Constructivism and The Bauhaus, I enjoy producing art work that has inspiration in contemporary design and craft. Feminist discourse and the politics of power are a stimulus for much of my work. Whether with bold imagery, appropriation from male-dominated art movements or with subtle mark-making, these are subjects that I’ve continually returned to in my thought-process and resulting art works.”

 Alice Hughes

What We Love About Alice's Work

I discovered Alice’s work whilst visiting the Glasgow School of Art 2017 Degree Show. Intriguing little compositions framed in dark walnut wooden box frames. Each small work looked like a photographic still from a Martha Graham stage set with semi abstract forms that loosely referenced human figures.

The pared down Modernist style props made from perspex, card and wood and limited colour palette also reference a period of the early 1900’s when social norms of male dominance fuelled a rising counter wave of feminist thinking. The curved lines of the sculptural props in the images presented in harsh theatrical spot lighting, could be symbolic of the female form as objects on stage playing out a role… passively.


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