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Elliott Cookson

Elliott Robert Cookson graduated from Aberdeen’s Gray’s School of Art, with a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting.  He has since exhibited in various group shows across Scotland including GENERATOR, Dundee, The Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh and The Compass Gallery Glasgow. He has recently moved to Glasgow where he has set up studio and is currently making new work.

Why We love Elliott’s Work

I discovered Elliott’s work whilst visiting the Gray’s School of Art 2018 Degree Show. I was intrigued by his use of a retro colour palette which made me think of  austere scenes from seventies documentaries and old faded family colour photos. The works have a serene presence with dimly lit views of everyday moments from small intimate studies to vast works that seem to encompass you.

The questioning of authenticity is a crucial element that has evolved throughout his practice which reflects on our individual experience in a world which is becoming increasingly impersonal through instant digital images.

The muted colours in each work draw you closer and tease you a little as you frantically search for the brightly coloured stimulation that we have all grown accustomed to with online digital imagery on a daily basis. You won’t find it. Elliott’s work has a stillness and opacity in both subject matter and meaning.  Everyday scenes and objects become iconic as their lack of spectacularness is highlighted by their isolation within the boundaries of the artwork and their depiction in filtered/faded mono colour.

Exclusive to Curious Egg

We are excited to introduce this body of work by Elliott Cookson. Each work on board has a been hand painted in a limited colour palette of oils that lead your eye to connect all areas of the subject and read it as a flat image.  His works express a certain melancholy but also an unexpected beauty as these subjects are translated through deliberate painterly marks, reinterpreted from photographic imagery.

Stand back and view them from a distance and watch as they transform into beautifully composed abstract ‘landscapes’ of normality where form and space exist on the same plane.

Elliott Cookson Artist Portrait
Elliott Cookson - Traffic in The Rain Original Painting, Oil on Board

“I am interested in the translation of images and how painting can reclaim photography. I look to recreate likeness in depicting imagery which can be used as a tool to delve into the sometimes kitsch and banal through painted form that communicates subtle distortions and areas of artificial flatness.”   

Elliott Cookson

Original Artworks