Featured Artist 

Gill Walton

Enchanting portraits telling stories through colour, light and metaphor

Artist Profile

Gill Walton is a professional figurative artist who currently works from her studio in the Eastern Scottish Borders exhibiting new work regularly.

She is also a part time lecturer in fine art and art tutor and through thorough research, she has developed a deep understanding of artists from past centuries such as Caravaggio, Turner and Vermeer. She often adopts their approaches in her own work while developing new contemporary methods.

“I love drama and narrative in paintings and my practice is slow using many layers of very fine paint.  The faces and expressions change many times during the process depending on how I am feeling that day. These faces more than most, reflect those changing moods. The meaning in my paintings lies in the emotion that you feel from them, with these it changes every time you look at them.”

Gill Walton


What We Love About Gill's Work

I first saw Gill’s work as she was preparing her space for a city art fair. It struck me how she took time to create an experiential space for visitors with vases of flamboyant colour flowers and props set on shallow ledges on the wall between the artworks. In the same way that set design in theatre encourages you to extend and animate stage space with your imagination, Gill’s work asks you to make connections and draws you into another world through the walls of the gallery.

Her paintings merge influences as diverse as historical portraiture, Jungian psychology and shamanic dream worlds to create a unique visual language deep in metaphor which can sometimes pose more questions than answers.  Each piece tells a story through, colour, light and the intriguing use of symbols that leaves you mesmerised and enchanted by the whole experience.


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