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Holly Drewett

Sensory works of quite, pulsing energy

Artist Profile

Originally from Cornwall, Holly Drewett holds a BA Fine Art from Falmouth University and an MA in print from the London, Royal College of Art and she has since exhibited internationally.

Holly’s practice is centred around drawing, Working between image and sound, she creates a personal dialogue between the two. She works across a variety of media including print, painting and installation.

“As the plate is an organic substance, the editions are low in number because the image gradually begins to change as it is printed; the natural oils in the wood also become part of the drawing. I became fascinated with this changing image during the making of the work and the process became an integral part of the idea as something fluid and changing.”

Holly Drewett

What We Love About Holly's Work

Holly’s work involves documenting sites in sound using both surround and contact microphones; imagery is then generated through listening. The initial drawing process is done whilst blindfolded, generating a response not dominated by sight but shaped by other sensory reactions.

Informed by space, movement and rhythm in relation to the body and its senses her work explores continual states of change and our physical relationship to our environment and landscape.

Each piece has a quiet, pulsing energy taking the viewer on a visual journey that ends with the extraordinary feeling that you have just ‘listened’ to an experimental musical composition of sorts.


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