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Mhairi Cormack

Mhairi Cormack is a contemporary artist from Glasgow based in Dundee. She graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design with a degree in Fine Art in 2018. She has since taken part in various exhibitions in Glasgow and Dundee including Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow, GENERATOR projects, Dundee and more recently has curated group shows.

Why We love Mhairi’s Work

I first was drawn to a series of resin block sculptures in Mhairi’s degree show that encased intricate little scenes constructed using paper and card imagery – some surreal takes on popular culture, others disjointed social scenes with an unexpected backdrop, bright, fun and intriguing. Mhairi’s work creates a juxtaposition between two opposing elements through the medium of collage by using found materials from books, magazines and her own photographs that are centred around the theme of rebirth and escapism. Like a movie reel that has been cut and pasted back together in a different order, Mhairi’s work present a different view of our collective memory, history and culture as though we are experiencing it for the first time from an obscure perspective… a little like recalling a dream.

Exclusive to Curious Egg

We are excited to introduce this first series of analogue collages by Mhairi Cormack to be shown in the Curious Egg Art Room. This ongoing series of works aims to demonstrate the positivity of escape and the potential that a type of rebirth is available to everyone. Each collage has imagery selected cut and assembled by hand.

Mhairi Cormack Artist Portrait
Mhairi Cormack Collage - Bearers of Good News

“Drawing upon my own experience of growing up within a religious community, I use my work to explore what it means to be born again. Almost every religion has an element of resurrection, but I see rebirth as a more ordinary event, a new day or perhaps a fresh start.”

Mhairi Cormack

Original Artworks