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Curious Egg Style Warrior Secrets - Danielle Le Petit

Style Warrior Secrets – Danielle Le Petit

I first launched the style warrior secrets series because I was interested in what drives people to be creative in choosing decor and items for their home whether it be to experiment and release a hidden side to their personality,  to escape from the real world, to show off to friends and neighbours, to be someone else, just a way to gather little memories around them or in fact to attract a mate… ok the last one was just to see if you’re listening but we all feather our nests in different ways and I find that really intriguing.…

terrace in the south of France - photo: Louise Sayers

Style Warrior Secrets: Lou Sayers

I have a dream. Am I allowed to use those iconic words? I’ll just borrow them for now. The dream is made up of four parts, the first part (now underway) is to set up and run my own creative business mixing art and interiors – check!

The Girl With The Green Sofa interior styled room

Style Warrior Secrets: Nicola Broughton

Every year for my birthday I used to get a lovely book from my school friend. Her dad worked for a major publishing company and always brought home the latest new releases. This started at age four with early memories of opening a shiny new edition of the latest adventures of ‘Captain Pugwash’ (no sniggering) and progressed through  to ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ and similar exciting titles!…

Curious Egg Opens its doors for Perth Open Studios 2018

Curious Egg Opens Its Doors!

This September, we’re delighted to be taking part in Perthshire Open Studios for the first time! Now in its eleventh year, the annual nine-day event offers art lovers the opportunity to visit the studios and workshops of local creators. From Saturday 1st September to Sunday 9th September, artists and makers throughout Perthshire, Kinross-Shire and neighbouring counties will be throwing open their doors and inviting you in.…

‘Art First’ Interior Design – The Research Phase

In this second instalment of our inside look at an ‘Art First’ interior design project we explore the research phase of the project, a key formative stage where we gather and listen to fully understand the client’s vision for the property.…

blog post image Style Warrior secrets Kate Learmonth by Curious Egg

Style Warrior Secrets: Kate Learmonth

If you’ve ever read ‘The Life of Pi ‘ you’ll know that a good story requires certain ingredients – a great opening line, an intriguing lead character, a twist in the plot and for me, a touch of fantasy mixed in.…

Monachyle Mhor hotel room

A Chic Bolthole In A Hidden Glen

Running through the veins of the most creative entrepreneurs, I think, is a mantra that goes like this, ’ in times of uncertainty, innovate and diversify’ and in the first of my new ‘Creative Minds’ posts, I’ve chosen a special place created by a innovative farming family who have done just that.…

ricing room with black class and bright colourful eclectic decor belonging to Pati Robins

Style Warrior Secrets: Pati Robins

Can a home hold emotion? I don’t mean can it affect how you feel because we know that’s true, but can it actually hold emotion in its walls? If you’ve ever seen the work of sculptor Rachel Whiteread you’ll know this isn’t a completely ridiculous idea.…

Style Warrior Secrets: Lisa Dawson

People often think being a perfectionist as a good thing but I think that probably in most walks of life and certainly in the creative world, it’s actually a curse not a blessing! It can prevent you from starting things nevermind completing them and then when you finally do complete them, you can’t enjoy the moment because in your eyes they’re never perfect – as an artist, it’s a self perpetuating hell and hence the tortured soul analogies that are associated with being one!…