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At Curious Egg, we believe the objects you surround yourself with impact your health and happiness. Our Apothecary synthesises today’s modern, urban lifestyle with the charm of ancient restorative practises that link mind, body and soul. From hand poured eco-friendly candles made with essential oils to natural soaps and herbal infusions, you’ll find everything you need to indulge in an evening of pampering. Sink into a nourishing bath of Himalayan healing salts and breathe in the soothing scent of ‘Garden Mint’ as a Tatine candle flickers and sends shadows dancing up the wall. Or, if you’re running short on time, pop a pot of A.S. Apothecary’s therapeutic balm in your bag to relieve everyday stress and ailments.

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The first apothecaries were found in Babylon, in ancient Mesopotamia. As early as 2600 BCE, healers sold sweet wines, syrups and aromatic blends of spices designed to heal both body and soul. Apothecaries recorded their knowledge on stone tablets, which have been preserved through the ages; their contents carefully guarded and passed from generation to generation as sacred family recipes. These recipes were a blend of art and science, including prayer as well as medicine. At times apothecaries were accused of practising magic – or even witchcraft! Our botanical Tincture range of highly-effective, all-natural cleaning products is derived from ancient monastic recipes using pure essential oil blends and antimicrobial Silver Technology. The ingredients include herbs and plants renowned for their antiseptic, antibacterial, detoxifications, and soothing properties.

You’ll find no witchcraft here in the Curious Egg Apothecary, just a unique blend of luxurious hand-crafted treatments designed to instil a sense of wellbeing, clarity and calm in our overly-stimulated world – so maybe there is a little magic in that after all.

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