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Blown in from across the Atlantic all the way from the windy city of Chicago, we are excited to introduce the legendary and gorgeous Tatine!

Tatine is a tiny company in a sprawling, lively city but it has carved a deep and loyal niche around the world. Founder Margo Breznik started making candles as a hobby but this craft of hand blending the purest perfume oils captured her imagination and turned her head from a career in the music industry with renowned Chicago record label Wax Trax to begin a new venture in candle making. In 2001 she set up Tatine named after her late Grandmother and began the journey that has enabled her to create beautiful products based around storytelling, memories, music and scent.

‘100% handcrafted’ means just that at Tatine. The natural soy and beeswax used for the scented candles is sourced from farmers across the country, natural cotton wicks, the purest essential oils, each candle handwrapped in Sustainably sourced traditional letterpress printed paper using non toxic inks – they should have a halo hovering over them and little wings!

Special Editions

Dark, Wild + Deep

The new Dark, Wild + Deep collection brings a range of scents that are dark, complex and intoxicating.  The packaging alone is enchanting with letter pressed lingering words in gold and a signature night moth embossed onto the lid. Many of the scents have masculine woody undertones of oud or musk with sultry alluring florals. Kashmir inspired by the sexy riff by Led Zepplin is thought to be a true aphrodisiac!

‘At once intense and rich. An ode to the night, and those who inhabit it. Whisky-soaked, moonlit, smoke + ash, fragrant with evening blooms and abandon.’

Garden + Forest Infusions

Such unexpected earthy blends of gorgeousness conjuring up rain soaked soil after a storm and smoking wood cinders in misty air are rarely found in a candle and stand out in a sea of cloying fruitiness. Even the berry based Juniper has complex layers that keep you noticing and realising with every intake of breath – they are made with love and passion and this comes through in every way.

Tisane Collection

To capture a memory or an emotion in a scent is quite an art and it was Margo’s love of rock music and travels throughout Britain that inspired the Tisane collection with each candle recipe being constructed around the character of special places she visited or experiences that stayed with her.  Her Instagram feed @tatineofficial often cites lyrics from songs by the likes of Jim Morrison, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan and her favourite, The Beatles along with many others. The connections are abstract and so allow you, as the new owner of a Tatine candle, to attach your own emotional connection to them be it through the printed text on the wrapping that becomes a secret message to someone special or a memory relived through these powerful scents.