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Mario Gerth

“Photography is more popular than ever as an art form for interiors, especially bold statement pieces like these…”

Mario Gerth is a world class German photographer who has pursued his passion by documenting his travels through 80 different countries across five continents.

He has travelled extensively including a 24 month trip by bicycle, boat, jeep and on foot to some of the most remote regions of Africa where life has changed little if any in 3000 years. There he visited some of last nomadic and semi nomadic tribes, stayed with indigenous families and captured in his pictures, everyday life, exceptional moments and the unique personalities of the people he met along the way.

His travels through India fulfilled his obsession with the ‘Sadhus’ – holy men who choose a basic and frugal life, shunning everyday comforts and choosing to leave their families to live in temples, forests and caves for a more spiritual wealth.

In both places, he met some of the happiest people he has ever come across in life.

At a time when Africa’s identity in the world is changing, these works are especially poignant. Photography is more popular than ever as an art form for interiors, especially bold statement pieces like these – their presence in a room adds an immediate statement that tells a story. Without knowing any of the background of these works, they grasp you firmly at first glance and make you wonder about the person looking back at you. They are soulful and intriguing, uplifting and truly incredible works of art.

Why we love Mario’s work:
My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw these images for the first time. They are powerful and entrancing with a softness of light and richness of texture that emerges boldly from the dark background making it seem almost possible to reach out and touch the skin of the person in the photograph.

When selecting works for the Art Room, I found myself drawn to both the African and Indian collection. This may be coincidence but I like to think it was some sort of innate connection! I was born in Kenya and I have Indian heritage on my paternal side. I’ve never been to Africa as an adult and yet have always had a fascination and urge to go there.

Africa has a special place in Mario’s heart – on one trip he spontaneously chose to propose and get married there whilst visiting an Ethiopian Tribe. They had a simple but meaningful ceremony in a cave church and 50 Ethiopian guests he had never met before attended! His travels to India fulfilled a desire to seek out the Sadhus – holy men who shun modern society and live a basic life in temples, caves and forests. This is an artist who has genuine passion for the places he visits and a deep connection with the people he meets. It’s said a brilliant photographer can reveal the soul of his subject in a portrait and we think these images are a testament to his special talent.

We are particularly delighted to have in our collection, a stunning beautiful portrait of ‘Mayo’, a Mursi tribeswoman which was exhibited at the opening of the Rio Olympics!

“The collection ‘Sons and Daughters of the Wind’, is a homage to Africa and its people. It’s a collection of intimate portraits and vivid photographs of a great continent that breathes a diversity and naturalness that is missing in western ordered society. My pictures document, inform and conserve. My main goal is to encourage and inspire through photography.”

Mario Gerth

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