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Helma Bongenaar decorative plate window
My grandmother didn’t walk she glided. I rarely saw her feet because they were hidden beneath that most beautiful shimmering silk saris sometimes detailed with real gold thread and beautiful peacock blues and greens. She was small like me and used to seemingly float along to wherever she was going ... Read More
Curious Egg Style Warrior Secrets - Danielle Le Petit
I first launched the style warrior secrets series because I was interested in what drives people to be creative in choosing decor and items for their home whether it be to experiment and release a hidden side to their personality,  to escape from the real world, to show off to ... Read More
terrace in the south of France - photo: Louise Sayers
I have a dream. Am I allowed to use those iconic words? I'll just borrow them for now. The dream is made up of four parts, the first part (now underway) is to set up and run my own creative business mixing art and interiors - check! (still all a ... Read More
The Girl With The Green Sofa interior styled room
Every year for my birthday I used to get a lovely book from my school friend. Her dad worked for a major publishing company and always brought home the latest new releases. This started at age four with early memories of opening a shiny new edition of the latest adventures ... Read More
'Art First' Interior Design - Visioning & Moodboards 5
To wrap up our mini mood board series, let’s talk about the infamous hallway. In a previous post on our Edinburgh interiors project, we talked about how the entrance hall of this property is a remarkably uncooperative space – when you first walk into the flat, you’re forced into a tall, ... Read More
bathroom moodboard
If you’re anything like me, your Pinterest is full of beautiful bathrooms. Ones with candles flickering by antique claw foot bathtubs or concrete basins inlaid with multi-coloured mosaic tiles. If you've been following our mini blog series on the moodboards (you can see the last post here) then you'll know ... Read More
'Art First' Interior Design - Visioning & Moodboards 3
If you've been following our mini blog series on moodboarding for the Edinburgh New Town property you'll know we're moving onto the main living spaces! Don't worry if you missed our last post on the bedroom dilemma, you can catch up here. An essential element to keep in mind when ... Read More
Inside an Art First Interior Design Project - Visioning and Moodboards - Bedrooms
Continuing from our last post on the Edinburgh New Town apartment moodboards series, where Lorraine is designing nine spaces all at once, we move on to the bedrooms.   Bedrooms are often the most intimate and personal spaces within our homes – our nest and our sanctuary. Completely unique to us. When ... Read More
Inside and Art First Interior Design Project - Curious Egg - Visioning & Moodboards 1 - The Kitchen
Hello again, it’s great to have you back! In our last post, we talked about Lorraine’s unique approach to tackling the research and gathering phase of our current interiors project. Her vision for the Edinburgh property was inspired not only by place, but more intriguingly by the personalities of each ... Read More
'Art First' Interior Design - The Research Phase
In this second instalment of our inside look at an ‘Art First’ interior design project we explore the research phase of the project, a key formative stage where we gather and listen to fully understand the client’s vision for the property. If you haven’t already read the first instalment you ... Read More
Edinburgh Art First interiors project - Edinburgh skyline
Hi, I’m Genevieve. Recent graduate, fellow art admirer and interior style seeker - it’s lovely to meet you! I’ll be keeping in touch over the coming weeks to share insights into Curious Egg’s latest Art First interiors project in Edinburgh. As always, we want to bring you with us on ... Read More
art first interior design project
Curious Egg was born out of my passionate belief in the power of art to make life better.  Our homes are our sanctuaries – the place we retreat to after a busy day, where we feel safe and can truly be ourselves. The things we choose to surround ourselves with ... Read More
Talking Interiors On The Little Yellow Couch!
As you may know by now, Curious Egg is about bringing together three elements under one roof as a lifestyle store; art, interiors and wellbeing. I feel strongly that these things should be intertwined and are intrinsic in creating a healthy, happy home - one that ultimately allows you to ... Read More
blog post image Style Warrior secrets Kate Learmonth by Curious Egg
If you’ve ever read ‘The Life of Pi ‘ you’ll know that a good story requires certain ingredients - a great opening line, an intriguing lead character, a twist in the plot and for me, a touch of fantasy mixed in. I loved that book for so many reasons although ... Read More
Style Warrior Secrets: Lisa Dawson
People often think being a perfectionist as a good thing but I think that probably in most walks of life and certainly in the creative world, it’s actually a curse not a blessing! It can prevent you from starting things nevermind completing them and then when you finally do complete ... Read More
Style Warrior Secrets: Nadia Singleton
If you caught my last blog post you’ll know I’ve introduced a new fortnightly series called ‘Style Warrior Secrets’ where I interview and feature the homes of inspirational people who express a unique style and individuality within their home using art and creativity. Next up is someone whose incredible artistic ... Read More
style warrior eclectic living room Jasmine Edwards
I'm so excited to introduce the first post of the new 'Style Warrior Secrets’ series where I'll be talking to  inspirational people who express a unique style and individuality within their home using art and creativity in imaginative ways. It's not about one look or style, it focuses on people ... Read More
artists painted curtain artwork in a garden in southern france
An artist’s garden is a fantasy of mine. I have several garden fantasies ever since we got our own garden after living three floors up in a flat for years. One of them and you’ll know this if you’ve read my Amazonian Garden blog post, is to create a tropical ... Read More
A Secret Coastal Hideaway
Now that everyone’s in a hurry to plan their Easter holidays, can I ask a question -do you know Henry’s? Well if you do you’re in on the secret and if you don’t, well I’m going to share the secret. It’s a tale of a special place, run by special people ... Read More
2017 Home Styling - 5 Retro Art Movements You Need To Know
Hey my first blog post of the year woohoo! January is gone ( hopefully along with its weather!) - always a month of resetting, reflecting and forward planning and now that we stand peering out at the year ahead, it may seem a bit frivolous to be talking about interior ... Read More