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If these walls could talk…


Here at Curious Egg, we believe in art that extends beyond the frame – art that has the ability to alter our space, tell our stories and contribute to our wellbeing. Whether you’re searching for a tranquil backdrop or striking feature wall, our carefully curated collection of unique and contemporary wallpapers is designed to add style, warmth and wit to your home.

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Created by designers, graffiti artists and tattooists, our handpicked selection caters to the expressive possibilities of living space. Whether you pine for minimalism or dramatic murals, graphic modernism or tradition and romance, our unusual wallpapers will bring texture and depth to your home, inviting you to sink into the space after a long day at work, glass of wine in hand.

Art is the oldest form of storytelling. More than 35,000 years ago, prehistoric peoples painted organic shapes and figures onto cave walls using earth pigments of red and black to tell tales of a now distant past. Art has the power to evoke a time and place and affect the way we interact with our surroundings. Journey to another world with Sian Zeng or dance beside fantastic beasts and experience the wonder of the Victorian circus with Daniel Heath. Create visual impact by blurring the boundaries between old and new, between design and art installation, between beauty and utility.

If your walls could talk, what would they say? Whose stories would they tell? We’re here to help you make them yours!

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