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Rachel Louise Lee

Wonderfully imagined landscapes full of energy, yet somehow serene

Artist Profile

Rachel Louise Lee graduated in 2015 from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee Scotland with a BA Hons (First Class) in Fine Art. She received the Bernard Cooper Memorial Award for the best portfolio of work in the year.  Her work featured in the DJCAD ‘Ones to Watch’ Degree show as well as ‘The Silk Road’ Dundee Print Collective exhibition in China. She has recently curated her first solo exhibition which has been shown in several key venues across Scotland.

“My work grows from the relationship between the body and mind. I work intuitively with printmaking, painting and photography to create multi-layered, mixed-media works at various scales. Influenced slightly by Surrealism, I develop the artworks using a fast paced, subconscious approach called ‘Automatism’ where my hand randomly moves across the page with no preconceived composition or planned subject matter, this ensures the way in which I work is kept raw.”

Rachel Louise Lee

What We Love About Rachel's Work

I first discovered Rachel’s work when scouting the degree show graduates in Scotland. Her work immediately caught my eye with its theatrical photographic imagery layered with painterly textures and muted tones. It’s highly energetic work yet somehow serene at the same time. She creates vigorous marks and layers of screen printed images sometimes worked over with inks, paint and pen to build these wonderfully imagined landscapes. 

Rachel captures a freshness and vitality that makes her work seem constantly in motion and like a momentary freeze frame, it’s as though if you glanced away for a moment, the image might change again. Young, playful and poetic we are excited to watch how her work develops.


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